I've realized that there is no list of the turkish law offices and the turkish lawyers - attorneys - who have private internet websites.
The purpose of this blog is to gather all turkish lawyers and law offices in classified manner according to their branches and the cities where they are in charge.

Beside the list of turkish lawyers and law offices you will find some information about turkish laws, regulations and judicial system. I try to add also the english translation of some important laws.
Any contribution from your side would be highly appreciated.

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International Law Firm News

International Law Firms and Turkey

Following article quoted from . You can read the full history from the given link.

" Clifford Chance has today announced its intention to extend further its business in the dynamic Turkish market and across South Eastern Europe with the opening of an office in Istanbul. The office will operate in cooperation with Yegin Legal Consultancy (YLC), Clifford Chance's well-respected associate Turkish law firm, headed by Mete Yegin. London-based Finance partner, Simon Williams will lead the Firm's practice in Turkey.

David Childs, Clifford Chance Managing Partner, explains, "Since formalising our consultancy arrangement with Mete in January last year, our business in Turkey and the wider region has gone from strength to strength. It is clear from discussions with our clients that they see this as one of a number of important growth markets and are keen to see us establish a presence on the ground. Their view reflects our own focus on the fast growing economies in Asia, Latin America, Africa and the Middle East and our long-standing commitment to Eastern Europe."Simon Williams, who will relocate to Istanbul in due course, adds, "The Turkish business environment is evolving fast and there is a strong group of very impressive corporations that are ambitious to expand.

These businesses, alongside the major multinationals, are looking for the highest-quality international and Turkish legal advice around inbound and outbound investment. Combining our network and our deep expertise in the key sectors that are driving development in the region with the best-in-class Turkish legal advice provided by Mete's team makes us particularly well placed to support these clients in meeting their ambitions."